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Anna Prabandh


Anna Prabandh

Annadaan is supposed to be the greatest daan – Food donations is supposed to be the highest form of charity.

The children at Igatpuri belong to the backward segment of the society and hence are not privileged to have three full meals in a day let alone get the necessary daily nutrition. You can help provide the children with nutritious meals by donating to this scheme.

Started in 2009, Anna Prabandh is a corpus fund for providing nutritious meals to the children at the unaided Igatpuri boarding schools.

The interest generated on this corpus helps cover the food expenses. At Igatpuri the typical diet of the children includes milk twice a day, eggs twice a week, fruits once a week, non vegetarian meals twice a month. In the evening, an energizing snack comprising a herbal drink, milk and biscuits is provided.

Your donation

helps provide nutritious and delicious meal to lesser priviliged children